Arrival to Rak Tamachat

Unfamiliar bird song fills the thick moist air of this jungle farm. Deep into the Nakoron Ratchasima region of Thialand, Rak Tamachat demonstrates the blend of practical building & farming, purposeful community, and paradisal decor that is poised to show the brilliance of permaculture . 

Each Permaculture Design Course (PDC) student has their own private bungalow.  Being that I was with the group who arrived first we were placed in the ones overlooking the large man-made pond. Tropical plant fragrance carried by the waft warm breeze waft through the open wooden windows. Yes, these are the sensations make up for the ant nest that needed to be vacated from the reed floor mat and the sting of the mosquito bite.

Below are the pictures of my majestically modest bungalow.