One of my passions lies in exploring remote places of the planet and learning about the way people use and understand their natural resources, particularly water. 

Born and raised in Indiana I adopted a mid-west work ethic. After graduating from Hanover College with a double-major in Geology and Philosophy I moved to Asheville, North Carolina. There I cultivated a wide array of science teaching skills at Hanger Hall School for Girls . During my time in the classroom and leading weekly field trips I noticed that blending scientific inquiry and acknowledging varying cultural perspectives created a dynamic learning environment. 

Later I narrowed my focus to water education in Western North Carolina. Through AmeriCorps Conserve, I served as a regional water education coordinator at RiverLink. I developed locally-based curriculum, created a 3D model illustrating the Urban Water Cycle, and collaborated on the educational video Voices of the River.

I recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Earth Science from North Carolina State University. There I studied under Dr. David McConnell and was part of the Geoscience Learning Process Research Group, which is the leading team of geoscience education researchers in the country. Click here to learn about my research.